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             Socrates doesn't have many people to call his friends or family. His only role model was his Aunt Bellandra. Being in prison, he has missed twenty-seven years, four months, and seventeen days of his social life. This effected his socialization in many different ways. He has been labeled by his community as being a cold-blooded killer, and may never have a chance to redeem himself as a normal member of society. Socrates went through the social institution of prison. He also lacked a main agent of socialization, and has trouble adapting because of it. Socrates lacks a normal social life, but has been adapting to the social culture the best he can. .
             Socrates is a prime example of labeling theory. Every time there is a crime within a five-block radius to Socrates house, the police are knocking on his door. ("I was in for murder in sixty-one. They think it's in my blood." 56) He is experiencing secondary deviance, (That period of time in which you are compelled to reorganize your life around your devalued identity. 167) Socrates is a hard working individual who is trying to stay on track and stay out of trouble. The self-fulfilling prophecy has not affected Socrates, because of Darryl. Socrates is role model to Darryl and wants to keep him out of trouble. The reason he has a phone is to stay in contact with Darryl. Socrates wants to be a role model and has reason not to kill. Because of his label it's hard for him to for him to function as a normal member of society. The police took Socrates to jail for a crime that happened in his area. Being labeled a killer it's hard for Socrates to fit into society as a whole.
             Socrates has gone through the Social Institution of prison. It was not the social institution itself that changed him. Jordan Levering asked Socates to plant a tree with a beautiful woman in his remembrance. Through that he met Charlene, a woman he wouldn't normally talk too, and had a relationship in his friend's remembrance.

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