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            Though the goal of socialization is to perpetuate the culture, it is clear that the process does not have uniform effects. Individuals respond differently to the same treatment, and, even more important, different combinations of socialization tactics can be hypothesized to produce somewhat different outcomes for the organization.
             One of the major roles of the field of organization development has been to help organizations guide the direction of their evolution, that is, to enhance cultural elements that are viewed as critical to maintaining identity and to promote the "unlearning" of cultural elements that are viewed as increasingly dysfunctional.
             This process in organizations is analogous to the process of therapy in individuals, although the actual tactics are more complicated when multiple clients are involved and when some of the clients are groups and subsystems. .
             Leaders of organizations sometimes are able to overcome their own cultural biases and to perceive that elements of an organization's culture are dysfunctional for survival and growth in a changing environment. They may feel either that they do not have the time to let evolution occur naturally or that evolution is heading the organization in the wrong direction. In such a situation one can observe leaders doing a number of different things, usually in combination, to produce the desired cultural changes.
             In the article Organizational Culture Edgar Stein refers to what the word "culture" means to society. The word culture is just thrown in a sentence, without meaning. People use it to do whatever they want. It does not have a specific meaning, or a specific purpose.
             In Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies, J.W.Berry discusses the "hierarchy of society." In this hierarchy, the different race levels are discussed, and where they belong. Another big topic is assimilation. .
             The population dynamics of a country are two ethnic groups, a minority and a majority.

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