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How to buy a computer

             Shopping for a personal computer can be one of the most confusing and difficult decisions. No matter how much investigating and skimming you've done on the price, most people are not certain if they've gotten the best deal. The reason for this uncertainty is because computers are like no other product; they are constantly upgraded at a much faster rate. Also, the average person is unfamiliar with most of the technical terms and specifications that define computers and their parts. Most people don't have gigahertz, RAM, and hard disc drive in their everyday language. The fact that buying a computer can be confusing doesn't mean you should give up your search and settle for anything. If you follow these few guidelines, you are sure to make a wise and satisfying decision.
             Before you begin to shop for a new computer, you would want to ask yourself two questions. How much money do I want to spend? In asking yourself this, you will be creating a budget. Now that you have your budget, don't begin to "price" your computer. Your budget is to create a boundary for flexibility. Using price as your starting criterion is almost always ineffective because there are a lot of different computers at a lot of different prices. The second is: What do I want to use my computer for? For example, do you run a small business? Do you practice digital editing? Do you want it for e-mail and Internet purposes? Are you interested in computer gaming? The answers to these questions will help you specify what components are needed to make up your computer's configuration. .
             Now that you have some flexibility and a picture in your mind as to what you want to do with your computer, the next step will be familiarizing yourself with the standard terms and specifications. Read magazine reviews and go online. Online web shopping sites are probably the best place to go because they provide the greatest detail.

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