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             Bacon's rebellion of 1676 in Virginia was clearly justified in their revolt against the governor of Virginia for the unfair lives they had been forced to live. The rebels that had to live on hills with infertile land were they were unable to grow much of anything which meant no profit for themselves. Also they were taxed, but they had no sufficient amount of income to pay those taxes. Being put into a situation were there is almost no way to have a some what stable life and then being taxed unfairly I feel justifies there rebellion. .
             The Puritans had thought in their own minds that slavery was justified because of the fact the African-Americas weren't people and therefore had no rights. The Puritans were very wrong in their ideas which came from the bible, where they took each word literally, were the bible's message can not be taken literally, but must be interpreted and evaluated for the time. Economic, as Karl Marx explained in Marxism, that everything is driven by economics and slavery is a great example of it. The plantation owner wanted a cheap and easy way to farm their land and slaves were the answer. Slaves were cheap and could bring in great profit for both the slaver traders and the owner. I believe slavery happened for two reason, one that the slaves weren't seen as people and could be treated badly and justify it and two that everyone was greedy to make a profit and slaves were the perfect answer. Even still I believe slavery was one of the worst things America had.
             Great Awakening:.
             The Great Awakening was a new interoperation of the bible and the righteous path that we should follow in order to go to Heaven. I believe it also was trying to jump start people's religion as the Congressional Church was on its down fall. The Great Awakening was an important piece of history that helped to shape and diversify the churches we know today. It was a set toward opening new doors for more diversity in religion and beliefs.

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