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Longer Lunch Periods

            Don't you hate it when you are eating lunch, then you have to be rushed? Don't you love it when you can be as slow as you want when it comes to eating? Well most people believe that the lunches should be longer at all schools. The lunches are way to short. There is barely any time to get your lunch, find a table, then sit down and eat it.
             The schools need to have longer lunches because it would benefit the teachers. They would have more time to get prepared. If they have more time to get prepared, then maybe they wouldn't be so disorganized. Teachers also might have more to teach us. Maybe even have more time to eat. I f the teachers had time to eat, they probably wouldn't hey so angry. They might also be more lenient and students wouldn't get so much homework. It would also give teachers time to socialize with other teachers. Teachers need lives too, you know. If teachers socialize with other teachers then they, once again, would be less moody. The other reason that it would benefit the teachers would be because they can have their retake tests. Their students would have better grades because most kids can't come after school.
             If schools were to have longer lunches, it would benefit the students. It would also give the students enough time to eat. They wouldn't have to be rushed, and it would give them a longer break to socialize. Students would be able to talk to their friends for a longer time. They would have time to do homework. Most of the time students can't do anything fun after school because there is too much homework. If there were time to do homework at school, the students would probably get better grades. Also, if there were longer lunches, students would be able to retake tests and also have enough time to eat their lunches without rushing. So by having more time to eat and retake tests, the students would be able to keep their grades up.
             All schools need to have longer lunch periods.

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