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Moving to America

             I am writing you this letter because I have decided to move to America. You are probably wondering why I would want to do this, and leave England. Well the reason is simple; I have lost my farm here, and do not want to work a job in the city. Because I have lost my job, I have become poor. Because of this if I am to move to America, I will have to become an indentured servant to a master in America to pay for my passage to America. With this knowledge, I plan on going to America to become an indentured servant.
             The only question I have to think about is what colony I would want to go to. I am mainly considering going to one of the southern colonies like North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, and South Carolina. I was thinking more specifically of working in North Carolina because North Carolina is known for being a much more liberal state. And it being a liberal is good for me because I am not a very religious person as you know, and I do not practice any religion. North Carolina is known for being religiously tolerant which is a good thing in my case. .
             Another reason that I would want to go to North Carolina over some of the other colonies is that the farms are not as large in North Carolina then they are in the rest of the southern colonies. Most farms have 2 or 3 indentured servants and I believe this would be easier to work on then a large farm. I know the life of an indentured servant on a large farm like one found in South Carolina can be quite a hard life. I feel that a life on a smaller farm would be a much easier life, and generally less stressful.
             Mother, Father, you may not agree with my decision to move to America, but I feel it is what I should do. Otherwise I will just live the life of a pauper on the streets of England. I have decided to become an indentured servant in North Carolina, and that is final.
             Your loving son,.
             Michael Blunk.

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