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My Accident

            March 24, 1994 is a day that I will never forget. I had stopped at the 82nd Street Café about 3:30 in the afternoon, here in Lubbock, to have a late lunch. I left the café about 4:00, to head home. Leaving the parking lot was difficult due to all the traffic that was on 82nd street. Finally, I was able to pull out into 82nd and work my way into the turning lane in order to turn left. I had almost my entire car into the turning lane when suddenly my car had spun around and I was facing the café that I had just left. Not knowing at first what had happened, I finally realized that I had been in an accident. .
             A tall, slender, young man appeared, and said, "I have called the ambulance and they are on the way."" I realized that this was the young man that had just waited on me in the café. A woman came from a barber shop across the street came to see if I was okay. The women was middle aged and had light brown hair, she was very motherly and soft spoken. She asked, "Are you alright?- I was not sure if I was alright but I said to her, "My head hurts a little."" She told me that she would go and get a cool wet towel, and for me not to move. The lady returned, she had brought me a wet towel and also a phone. She asked, "Do you need me to call someone for you to let them know what had happened?- I replied, "Would you please call my dad and let him know to meet me at UMC hospital."" As she was calling my dad the ambulance finally arrived. It seemed to have taken them a long time to get through the traffic. .
             As one of the EMTs approached me, he noticed that I was holding a towel to my head. When he reached my car he asked if I hurt anywhere else besides my head. I told him not that I know of. I also explained to him that I was eleven weeks pregnant. The EMT was very polite and understanding, and I was placed on a gurney and wheeled to the ambulance. .
             I noticed that they had placed another woman in the ambulance before me; this must have been the one that hit me.

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