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            In a fantasy world, racism would not exist and all types of people would be treated equally. Sadly, in the real world, racial groups are discriminated against all the time. In the movie, Do the Right Thing, conflict is fueled by racism. Spike Lee successfully portrays the problems that different ethnic groups encounter when they cohabitate. Even though Sal, an Italian man, opens up a pizzeria in a predominately black neighborhood, it is very apparent that Sal has problems accepting the blacks. He even tells his son Vito that the reason why he opens his pizzeria in this area is purely because of making money. Sal does not discriminate blatantly against the African Americans that eat in his pizzeria, but Spike Lee makes it clear that Sal feels it in his heart. Early in American history, many whites were outright rude and condescending towards blacks. Nowadays, if Americans are racist, they keep their feelings more concealed. I believe Sal represents what we call the modern American "bigot". He really does not speak racial slurs loudly, but he does make rude, degrading comments under his breath. I think many people still feel whites and blacks should not be equal just as Sal feels, but just like Sal they hide it until one day it erupts. When Radio Raheem upsets Sal, then says something so unbelievably racist that it is astonishing: ""you niggers have no right to come into my restaurant and tell me what I can and cannot hang on my wall." This inspiring movie effectively portrays that racism is still a problem no matter what setting you"re in. It is an excellent movie.

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