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            The Second World War lasted for six long years and left a legacy of death and horror. It was truly a world war embracing the globe from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The roots of this war - with no doubt - lead to the end of the First World War. The articles of Treaty of Versailles, Wilson's Fourteen Points and efforts to keep Germany weak were some of the reasons leading to the Second World War.
             In 1919 after the end of the First World War Paris Peace Conference took place. Although Germany was not volunteer to sign this treaty and complained about it very much she had no other option except signing. Germans complained about it because this was an unfair treaty according to them. First of all, the "Big Three" have never been negotiated about the articles with Germany, so she did not have any say and the complaints of her largely ignored by the it to spread, so they chose to support Hitler's policies. After the electoral successes of 1932, the President of the Weimar Republic, Paul von Hindenburg, appointed Adolf Hitler in 1933 as chancellor. In Germany there was the excellent situation for the rise of Hitler: The Weimar Republic was weak, economy was in decline, employment was increasing, people was not trusting the system and the discourse of the Nazi Party was being supported by a huge number of people within the society. "Hitler grasped, after the failure of his putsch in Munich in 1923, that he 1934 when the President von Hindenburg died, Hitler became the Fuhrer by combining the roles of chancellor and president. He used the advantage of the Enabling Act while becoming Fuhrer but in the constitution of Weimar Republic, article said that the President should be elected. That is to say, there are two perspectives for Hitler action. From one point he seems to be democratic but from the other he does not seem to be so. When Hitler came to power -as he promised before- he tried to improve the German economy.

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