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the french revolution expireme

            Throughout the French Revolution, many types of governmental experiments were attempted, ranging from monarchies to dictatorships to democracy. While many people feel that this decade should no longer be analyzed because of all of its terror and deaths, one must remember that many great lessons can be learned from these mistakes on how to run a government to fit both the needs of the people and the country itself. There are many lessons that can be learned through the actions of the French Revolution through great figures and names such as Napoleon, King XVI, and the National Convention for how one must find the balance of having to please both the people and the country in order to lead a strong and successful government.
             King Louis XVI was a leader who managed to prove that if one wants to run a triumphant government, they must have interest in their people. This lack of interest leads to the people no longer wanting him as their King: "King at age of 19, Louis XVI cared more for hunting than governing his country" (Miller, 145). Because of this, many people feel that one of the reasons the French Revolution started in the first place was since unawareness to his country. The people felt that they were being treated unfairly by not getting any recognition from the King, causing them to become angry cause violence through acts such as riots.Through this, people have learned that all leaders must be fully involved in their country, and not get distracted with issues such as hunting.
             One of the common problems that can be learnt through the French Revolution is how the concept of power can often have a negative effect on the rulers. When people would all of the sudden obtain such big roles such as being the leader of a country, they would often let power distract them and block out the original goals that they set for the country. One example of this power was through the Reign of Terror led by Maximilien Robespierre of the National Convention.

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