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Interpersonal Skills

             I have many run-ins with interpersonal problems. I have confronted such people as backstabbers, know-it-alls and, martyrs. In my past job I had to deal with such employees in the front end of a grocery store. I had troubles in the beginning on dealing with each type of person. As time went along I grew accustomed to dealing with them. .
             I dealt with backstabbers in a delicate manner. I had one employee after my job. They decided to make my life miserable and with every decision I made they double guessed it and asked the owner of the store if I was correct. When I was informed about this person I sat them down and had a discussion with them. I discussed with them their efforts in the front end and how they improve it. I also talked to them about their opportunity to move up the ladder in the front end and how they can help themselves to reach that goal sooner. After the long discussion the employee stopped, took my advise and turned the time they were backstabbing me into a time of improving their front end skills. Within a few months they were my assistant and took over my position when I left for college.
             Know-it-alls came with the store as it opened. The older employees had the idea that they knew more than me because they were older and more mature. I was the front-end coordinator and they tried to control my job and take over. They expressed to other front-end employees that they should do something one-way when I advised them to do it another. There wasn"t much I could do when confronted with this situation but to know that I acknowledge their ways of doing things and suggested that I will try it that way next time. .
             Dealing with a martyr on the other hand is difficult especially when they are always interacting with customers in such a position as a cashier. Their whining and complaining about the work place or the own personal life had an affect on the customers in the store.

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