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             The novel does not begin with exposition of background and character, but rather with direction action. Yet by the end of Chapter 1, the reader knows a great deal about Jane Eyre and her situation. Discuss what is known about Jane and the Reeds and why this method of direct action is effective? The novel Jane Eyre begins with direct action rather than with the exposition of background and character. This allows us to see, how given characters react to the environment and the situation surrounding them. In the early chapters, Charlotte Bronte establishes the young Jane's character through her confrontations with John and Mrs. Reed, in which Jane's good-hearted but strong-willed determination and integrity become apparent. It becomes evident, that Jane is mistreated, physically abused and punished for things she should not be held responsible for. It is also apparent, that Mrs. Reed to a great extent dislikes Jane, and forbids her children from playing and associating with her. She greatly favors her son John Reed, and is blind to see his true nature and character. In these chapters, we learn that the Reeds are wealthy , however treat Jane with great inferiority .
             2. What vague ideas of school does Jane have when Mr.Lowood first suggest it? What additional ideas are given by Mr.Brocklehurst's description of Lowood? What is the actuality experienced by Jane at Lowood? Are Jane's experiences of Lowood all bad? Mr.Lowood was the first person that suggested the idea of Jane going to school. Jane did not know a lot about school , only a little from Bessie. She had a vision of young ladies in the stocks that wore backboards and were expected to be exceedingly genteel and precise. Bessie also told her , of certain accomplishments attained by young ladies that went to school. Bessie showed Jane , beautiful paintings of landscapes and flowers , songs they could sing , and French books that they could translate.

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