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McBeth Newspaper

            Evil Spirits Banished! (Newspaper Project).
             Two days ago, Malcolm revealed his plan for Scotland. His greatest soldier, Macduff, dragged Macbeth body away. The mist of secret in Scotland finally disappeared. But, the question remains, who is responsible for this tragedy? Lady Macbeth or the three witches?.
             Despite of the fact that Macbeth murder King Duncan and other innocents. Lady Macbeth is the master mind. Her desire to be a queen causes her blended by her ambition. Both of them obsessed in witches" prophecies. They could not wait for the prophecies to happen unaided, but make them come true faster. Therefore, Lady Macbeth uses her will and Macbeth his own weakness to manipulate him of her terrible plan.
             The rumors of the witches" six prophecies came from Dunsinace castle. However, until now there is no evidence to prove the witches existed at all. Even though, they gave Macbeth these prophecies. Lady Macbeth is still the one who is responsible in making the plan to murder the King; Macbeth is the one who took the dagger and stabbed into King Duncan's body while he was asleep.
             No blame should place on the witches. The witches spoke the fortunes to Macbeth and Banquo, and did not push Macbeth to kill anyone. However, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth believe in it. In fact, the fortunes perhaps will mainly come true when the time pass by. Because of them ran out of the patience, they dig their own whole and can not climb out ever, but what is done cannot be undone.

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