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             The most common thing people look up about sex is satisfaction with sexual activity. Sex is an area in which we all experience some insecurity. Every individual has anxieties and fears; everyone thinks that friends and family are free form such problems. There are no personal experts in sex. No personal experience can constitute both a broad sampling of individuals differences and probe the depths of a long-standing, profoundly intimate relationship. Because everyone only knows his or her own activities, and for the most part imagines what other are doing, flourish myths. .
             Some individuals are more attractive than others are. In the dimension of sensuality, some are more sensual than other people are. Sex is about having good feelings. But the good feeling goes beyond the pleasurable physical sensations of sexual arousal. Feeling good about yourself, your partner, and intimacy-- these are good feelings you need for sex to be it's most satisfying and pleasurable. A number of factors may prevent these good feelings; only a minority of these are related to sexual function itself. Anxiety or depression from any cause may result in problems with sex. Attitudes towards sex create problems usually unnecessarily. We are particularly concerned with an emerging view of the sexual partner as an orgasm machine, a pre-occupation with technique rather than feeling, and with the resulting depersonalization of sexual relationships.
             Anxiety about sex especially in the learning stage must be counted as normal simply because it is a universal phenomenon. This anxiety has been compounded by both if the two dominants contemporary approached toward sex. The approach considers sex as unspeakable subject. Moralistic fantasies develop. Another area of anxiety concerns the sexual equipment. Men worry about the size or their penis. Women worry their breasts are to big or too small, their legs too fat or too thin.

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