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             At first when I found out that we had to do this project, I didn't think it would be as accurate as it was. I was expecting the web site to tell me just minimal things such as "you need 2 more servings of milk a day." Yet, this analysis really showed me what foods I need to eat more and what foods I should stay away from more.
             Starting out with the HEI scores, I was surprised that each day actually fluctuated a little bit. In the grain category I did well every day and I expected this because I know I eat a lot of bread type foods. I was very surprised with the vegetable intake I get daily here at school because at home I would have vegetables maybe twice a week in one dinner meal. But, as I realized in college I eat so many vegetables with every meal. I was also very surprised with my lack of fruit intake. I usually have at least one banana a day and try to have a fruit dessert, but I guess in these three days I some how just didn't eat as many fruits. This tells me that I need to be careful and make it a goal of mine to eat fruit everyday. Even if I don't want to eat an apple during dinner at d-hall I should grab one for later to make sure I eat fruit as part of my diet. I was very surprised to see that my milk intake was good the first day, but horrible the second and third days. I eat a lot of cheese with everything and about every other day I have skim milk in my cereal. So along with fruit I think it was just these specific three days that I didn't eat as usual as I do. With meat, it also just happened to be that first day I didn't have any. The second and third days I got the score of a ten, because I eat sandwiches pretty regularly and some sort of chicken or beef thing for dinner. With my normal day diet I am pretty pleased, but not so much pleased with these exact results, because I believe that it just caught me on a bad three days. I realized though that I usually take in way too much sodium and I should research that to see what foods are most prominent in sodium, to make sure I don't eat that much each day.

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