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            Nowadays many people are arguing about whether all human beings are equal. Unfortunately, many people are still suffer from discrimination in some ways based on something such as age, gender, social class, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, martial status, disability or other similar factor. Discrimination is the behavior that usually follows by prejudicial thinking. To discriminate is to treat one person or group worse than others or better than others. Even though there are laws to protect the civil rights of every mankind, a lot of people are still frequently have been victims of discrimination. Like the majority of people, the author of "Mary", Maya Angelou, who writes about her experience as a housemaid is discriminate by an old white woman. Liliana Heker, the author of "The Stolen Party", writes a discriminate story about Rosaura, a housemaid's daughter, attends the master's daughter's birthday party. Angelou and Heker's main character, Rosaura, have share the similarity as the victim of the discrimination; however, their experiences are different.
             Both Angelou and Rosaura have been victims of discrimination. Being a black girl, Angelou have been treat with discrimination. At Angelou's tenth year, she works for a white woman, Mrs. Viola Cullinan. One evening, Mrs. Cullinan's friend thinks that Angelou's name is too long that Angelou should change her name to Mary. Angelou gets angry instantly because of the new name and she writes, "That horrible woman would never have the chance to call me Mary because if I was starving I"d never work for her." (MC 284) The next day, Mrs. Cullinan decides to rename Angelou to Mary. " She's Mary from now on." (MC 284). Angelou goes to another anger rage after she hears Mrs. Cullinan calling her by a new name. "Every person I knew had a hellish horror of being "called out of his name." It was dangerous practice to call a Negro anything that could be loosely construed as insulting because of the centuries of their having been called niggers, jigs, dinges, blackbirds, crows, boot, and spooks.

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