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Evolution Of MMA

             Every now and then, as humanity goes through the roller coaster of evolution, leaps are made in the arts and sciences that spawn new adjustments in the seemingly already evolved state of our world. We tend to reach a point where we assume that we have advanced as far as we possibly can. Fifty short years ago, who would have thought that we could travel in space? Well, people did, and so it has become a reality. The martial arts are no different. Even though nothing is totally new in hand to hand combat, there is still an evolution that happens, usually by the examples of a few who lead us from one concept of what is possible to the next. .
             In the early nineties, the mainstream world of martial arts was forever and irrevocably affected by the rebirth of limited rules sport fighting, as seen in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It raised the question people always ask, What is the most effective hand to hand style? Time went on, and the level of knowledge quickly rose, the next question was when someone does force a situation on you, especially when they know what they are doing, what do you do? The truth is no one style has the best answer for every situation, so modern day sport fighters, who are successful, have a well rounded combination of stand up, clinching, and ground fighting technique. .
             Like any other evolution, the evolution of modern MMA can not be pinpointed to one event or person. An evolution takes time and contributing factors, such as people, places, and events. This I.S.U. will work to examine the evolution of modern mixed martial arts through its origins in Pankration, its development in the modern era, and contributions by historical world-renowned competition. .
             Chapter 2: Pankration.
             Pankration is a Greek word meaning "All strength" (pan = all, kratos = strength); it also has a synonym - pammachon - which means "total fight". There were three combative sports in the ancient Greek Olympics.

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