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             How many of you know what democracy means to the American citizens? If you ask most young people what democracy is they will say its America's government but for the most part that is all they know. Of course we've briefly discussed it in past years of schooling but nothing has really stuck with me or made me even think about it. Now, though, what democracy is has become clearer. It's what America is based upon, for the people, by the people, and is the people, right? After reading a few articles on democracy and discussing it with others some new ideas and theories have came to mind. At this point in time, and in the past, democracy has been the best form of government for the American people.
             When I think of democracy, freedom is the first thing that comes to mind. Liberty also comes to mind and the actual definition of liberty is freedom from external control. Thinking about external control reminds me of a monarchy or dictatorship which are the exact opposites of democracy. Generally these types of government involve only one ruler while in America we have many representatives, yet it is the people who have the say in making choices by the way of votes. Its how the voting system is set up that really separates America from how other countries run their governments. Americans get to vote on laws and choose what they"d like to keep and what they wouldn't. This is unique and beneficial but it really only works for the majority, not the minority. The reason why it only works for the majority is the majority of the votes decides what laws pass and what laws don't. The minorities then are not happy because what they wanted did not happen. This can cause frustrations and make the minority unsatisfied with the final result.
             With each form of government come certain laws, as evident by history. These laws in democracy's case are political, but before there were common laws to go with Liberty.

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