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Learning Styles

            Learning is an occupation you never retire from. Everyday of your life, whether you realize it or not, you learn something new. .
             As a child I asked millions of questions, always trying to learn, always trying to find the reason why something was what it was. There was never a question not worth asking then but as I grew older I became more conscious of the questions I asked, which in turn limited my ability to learn. As I grew older I became more concerned with what people thought of me and in order to reduce my chances of ridicule, I stopped asking all the questions I did as a child because I did not want to appear stupid . One of the great things with age is that now I really do not care what people think of me when it comes to learning something. Now, question after question is asked, always trying to pin point the exact answer I"m looking for, especially if project is one I"m especially interested.
             STYLE: In the ever changing world of information technology, knowledge and the ability to learn is vital to career growth and stability. Some of the things that I love most about working with computers are that it incorporates the two ways that I learn things the best. .
             Visually, I have the monitor. The monitor displays the processes I"m running to trace a network problem, it displays the printed word of a course I"m studying or the steps necessary to track down a problem with a piece of hardware I am troubleshooting. .
             Tactilely, I have the keyboard, the mouse, the removing and replacing of PCI cards and motherboards. I get to install and configure routers using both my eyes and my hands the two things that help me learn the fastest and help me retain the knowledge the best. As a child, much to my parents dismay, I completely disassembled everything from bicycles to lawnmowers, from old car engines to television sets, always trying to see what was inside and what made them work (unfortunately, there were sometimes parts left over after putting them back together again).

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