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            We have all watched TV in our lives one point or another. We have all seen many commercial's where they will have some attractive women selling a product. These companies always put hot young women for everything they sell to draw the attention of their viewers. The women in the commercials always have a certain image good skin, nice hair and they are always thin. Many females think if they get these products they will have the same sex appeal as the women on the commercials. Indeed sex sells whether it is shampoo, a gum commercial or just a cover of a magazine. .
             First of all, shampoo commercials use a great deal of sex appeal. It seems like everyday I see a Pert Plus commercial. In that commercial, the woman is not sure which shampoo to use when she is in the shower, of course she is attractive so she picks up pert plus and she has a great time shampooing her hair. In the Herbal Essence commercial, they have this very attractive woman putting the shampoo in her hair, then screaming because it is so good. Last, but not least, I think everyone has seen a Head and Shoulders commercial. Once again attractive woman having head problems and she tries Head and Shoulder and wont return to her old shampoo. They do this to seduce the viewers into wanting to buy their products.
             The second commercial that uses a great deal of sex appeal is gum commercials. In Dentine Ice, Winter Fresh and Big Red commercials they all have the same pitch. In every one of those commercials they have a Hollywood couple and one of them puts the gum in their mouth and they start making out. Both of them look like a typical commercial couple. .
             The third product that has a great deal of sex appeal is magazines. FHM, Maxim and Stuff all have attractive women on the cover to seduce the readers to buy their product. .
             In conclusion, sex does sell products. But do we really need some super models telling us what to buy?.

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