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            Ancient Athens was the leading cultural center of the Greek world. Many of the most gifted writers of Greece lived there. They wrote works of drama, history, lyric poetry, but mostly studied in philosophy that have influenced literature for centuries. Athenian architects built masterpieces of classical beauty, and the ruins of many of these structures may still be seen. The government of ancient Athens provided an example of democracy that has inspired lawmakers ever since. Philosophy was a vast field in ancient Athens. Philosophers examine many different fields and views that other people have. The difference between virtue, morality, immortality, and death are just a few of the many different topics, which can be covered under the umbrella of philosophy. Philosophers are thought to be the people who are supposed to be experts on all these areas. The have well thought out opinions, and they are very learned people. .
             Socrates (470 B.C.-399 B.C.) was born near Athens, and spent most of his life in Athens. He married women named Xanthippe, who was rumored in the town to be a mean and short-tempered woman. Together they had three sons. As a young man Socrates spent most of his time in conversations with a wide range of Athenians, but mostly with the young wise men. Socrates taught a different way of beliefs and thoughts people who shared these same beliefs were called Sophists. Socrates was not a wealthy man because he did not accept money from his fellow students. As a result, Socrates was having problems with Xanthippe in his household because of his money status. Socrates was famous for his self-control and also for his indifference to physical comfort. Supposedly, he once stood in one spot for a day and night puzzling over a philosophical problem.
             Now you may ask what is Socrates most noted for? Well, Socrates is best known for his devotion to logic and for his great argumentative skills. But there is no general introduction into the life and achievements of this worldwide known Greek philosopher and teacher Socrates.

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