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            Somalia, since the fall of the dictatorship government in 1991, has been overrun by anarchy. In spite of this, business manages to survive, and they often manage to do fairly well. Businesses could do even better if there was a government.
             There are many problems that Somalia has because of its lack of government. First of all, there is no one to regulate business. For example, there are three phone companies, each using different telephone wires to connect customers. If you want to be able to call anyone in the country with a phone, you would have to have service from each of the companies. Second, there are thugs and local warlords that disrupt business. Often times, thugs will do things such as block trash trucks from going down streets, they will prevent the digging of trenches for phone wire, or they will rob entrepreneurs. One more problem of lack of government is the fact that there are very few roads, no centralized power plants, no water, and very few habitable public buildings. The private sector does not have the money to do anything about these problems.
             Businesses would appreciate government for many reasons. Government could regulate business by stopping certain imports and exports, or by making some companies work together somewhat (such as the phone companies all using the same wires). The government could also impose a police force to get rid of thugs and local warlords; the businesses would definitely appreciate this because they would not have to pay for armed guards. Businesses would also be grateful of government for the services that it would provide. Government could provide power, trash service, water, and habitable public buildings. Businesses in Somalia realize that government would be good for them, and they wouldn't mind the taxes that would come with a government.

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