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Failed State Status of Somalia and the DRC

            Rarely, in the first world, do we consider the reality that many states simply do not provide the same quality of life that we enjoy. The fragility of these many failing states is easily forgotten while using our faucets, relying on our police forces, and discussing our presidential candidates but these quintessential aspects of our first world lives do not reflect the hardships endured by most of the world's population. By focusing on people, and their quality of life, it becomes much easier to study a state as a whole. .
             Human rights issues certainly reflect decision-making efficiency at a state level and can shed light on the ways states such as Somalia and The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have failed. As with most things, the issues begin at the top of the hierarchy and trickle down to have a harsher effect on the lower class (which tends to be significantly larger in the third world than the first). In cases like Somalia and The DRC, most of the decision-making power is factionalized amongst several competing groups, militias, and rebels leading to an inability to work democratically towards solutions. This inability of groups to work together ends up effecting the social, economic, and political aspects of life for everybody in the state. .
             Social implications are shown in literacy rates, infant mortality rates, education and more while economics shines through GDPs, natural resources, and financial inequality. Political effects are tangible in the form of genocide, public resources, and poor use of aid. In conjunction with each other, all of these factors paint a very telling portrait of why Somalia and The DRC are in such a poor condition. .
             Perhaps the most tangible of these circumstances for failed states would be the social ones. These are the issues that directly affect the every day quality of life for people within the states. According to Stig Hansen's book (1), the United States and Norway provided essential funding to the recently reestablished Somali Police Force, but those funds never made their way to the officers.

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