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American History X

             Danny Vinyard, Derek Vinyard, and Remmy all joined the hate groups that became so powerful in their lives because many of the same reasons. Derek's father had died when he was young which caused Derek to become racist. He was taken in by Camron, the head of a hate group that discriminated against all but whites. Camron was a father figure to Derek which is a major reason why he got involved. Danny, Derek's younger brother, looked up to Derek and followed in his footsteps. Remmy, in Higher Learning, seemed to be an outcast and not belong. He found comfort in this hate group that took him in. These three characters joined these groups because they needed a sense of belonging and needed to be accepted. They felt protection in these groups and found the group to be their "family". These characters were confused about their identity and uncomfortable so they found these groups to be their problem solver.
             2. Each individual has their own personality and these three boys are similar and different in many ways. Derek Vinyard changes throughout the movie. Before he joined the hate group, he was studious and into sports. He was also accepting of people. His father, however, manipulated him into thinking otherwise. His father was disturbed by Derek's African American teacher teaching black issues. He believed the "blacks were taking over." After his father's death, which happened to be a racial issue, Derek changed his views. He became resentful and prejudiced. He also became violent and short-tempered. He remained focused on his hate group and supported Hitler's approach of one white race. This soon led to his crime which led him in prison. Here he learned a lot and became wiser and more open minded. He came out of prison and focused on his family and getting his brother out of the group. Derek realized his mistakes and wanted to save his family. His brother, Derek, was quiet and looked up to his older brother.

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