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             Love, what is it exactly? Love is a compelling concept, and one that can not easily be defined in words. Webster’s dictionary defines love as “a feeling of intense desire and attraction towards a person with one whom is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.” Yet, how do we set out and explain that? Everyone has a different view on the concept of love, however, no matter how they differ, everyone does experience love at some point in their life.
             Love is a foreign concept to many, especially youngsters, but many would agree that love requires the giving of one’s self to another. Love is unconditional as it is unlimited. For example, a mother tends to her children whenever they are in need no matter what circumstance might be. The feeling that we receive from love is a great experience, it gives us a warm and tingly feeling from within.
             However, there are different kinds of feelings that we can receive from love. Those feelings sometimes make us “addicted” to love. We strive for the feeling and try to obtain it by any means, even if it results in negative consequence. For instance, a couple may have decided to meet at a random location. One partner rushes to the location to meet their mate, but may cause an accident in their rush because they were eager to embrace the feeling of love from their partner.
             Nevertheless, sometimes the feeling we receive from love may be just illusionary. False love is quite common as many normally feel that they have reached a bond with an individual, but in reality the bond is only felt when they are together. If one falsely believes they are in love, then they are only distancing themselves from real love.
             Real love consists of a very strong emotional bond of two individuals. The bond is formed over a period of time, and is finally achieved when the two understands each other’s feelings and needs.