Mythology Vocab

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I have used the Tarot cards in readings as well as teaching intuitive powers. In my independent study, I knew the cards utilized symbols from the ancient times. There is a confliction between the dates of the earliest Tarot deck. The cards are very powerful as a tool to developing intuition. I was intrigued to learn in Walker's, The Women's Dictionary, "Because the cards were popular, there was a short-lived attempt to relate the Major Arcana to various episodes in the story of Christ's passion, as if they depicted stations of the cross  (Dictionary 156). The Bible is a form of a teaching as well as the Tarot. It is interesting to even attempt to translate the cards in terms of Christ. As I understand it, the Tarot depicts pagan, spirits, and theological principles. My group project is The Gypsies, and Walker reflects, "Gypsy meant "Egyptian,  and so occultists began to identify the Tarot with Egypt's famous Book of Thoth  (Dictionary 156). The gypsies introduced Europe to the Tarot cards in their travels. The Tarot has been known as the "Game of Man  and is said to encompass Gypsies philosophies. Walker's text identifies,

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