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Technology in classroom

Personal Philosophy on Technology use in the classroom:

As a teacher, technology will always be a part of my classroom. All the kids I teach will have the same chance to expand their minds by using technology. They will all be using different kinds of technology because in my classroom I am not going to label the curriculum to using just one type of technology. They will have fun while learning thanks in part to the technology I will be including in my classroom. By using this technology it will be easier for them to find information and to do their work, if it requires them in the given assignment to use it. All in all, technology will a definite part of my classroom and of the curriculum I will teach my students.

Besides being a part of my teaching experience technology will also be a part of my everyday life. I will continue to look for new information that I can teach my students via technology. I will also continue to expand my teaching styles by using all forms of technology. All of these will be easy to use and not too hard to understand if I would have to teach my students how to use them. If I need to find anything or need to access any kind of information it will be through technology. Lastly, to sum everything up, I will continuously be using technology in my professional life to expand my knowledge about a variety of subjects and to help me throughout my career.


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