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Personal Goals

Perhaps the most challenging thing about life is that it's not so challenging at all;

it's all so easy. I have five children, no husband, a full-time job, and I'm writing this

paper due to attending school on top of all of the former things in this series. Why would

a person such as myself have any life goals? Well, it is because setting personal goals in

your life helps not only your productivity and motivation, but also your self-image, self-

esteem and confidence. Not only does this help in your job, but in all aspect of your life.

Actually, my life has so many enduring uncertainties that they lead me to a state of

apprehension, which is why it is so important for me to set obtainable goals for myself. In

setting personal goals wisely, you obtain a sense of accomplishment, sustain motivation,

and reduce the stress and worry in both your personal and business life. For the most

part, I have found that no matter what I do in my professional life, I am just spinning my

wheels. Personal factors and financial independence are the pivotal factors in my return

to the academic life. My potential is endless, but with out my CPA, I am limited, and

unable to control and secure my position in the workplace. I know that if I complete my

education, I will have secured a financial stability for my children and I, and that is what

I plan to achieve from attending the University of Phoenix.

I believe that there are two basic philosophies regarding long-term life goals.

First, there are the people that have known what they wanted to do with their lives ever

since they were five years old. Second, there are the people that just end up in some

career field that they had no idea they would be involved with. This usual happens out of

need or survival, and these people usually live for their lives

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