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There is no true definition of what love is. Love is just merely a word in the English language but the real meaning behind it is something that cannot be expressed in words. The term love has a universal term and basically means someone or something that shows infatuation or affection to another person or object. The word love has different meaning in contexts and could be expressed in lesser or higher degrees depending on the person. The meaning of love could be different for every other person. Love is merely a word but it is the connection the two people or object makes of it. Love is something so powerful, that it is strong enough to take on any obstacles, including someone's life. If someone truly loves someone, they are willing to sacrifice their life for someone they love. That is true love when you are willing to give up your life so that your loved one can live on.

Love for me is one of the most important factors in my life. I love my boyfriend dearly and it is because of him that I wake up in the mornings. It is beca

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