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The invention of the computer was first unveiled in 1942 (Time, March 29, 1999). The first computers that were invented were the size of a huge room and were very slow using vacuum tubes instead of today's silicone chips. Today's computers use very sophisticated chips and are extremely fast processors that can process billions of numbers in a split second. Just about every company in the world uses some kind of computer to get the work done quicker and more efficiently. For example, the car industry uses computers to build cars on the assembly line instead of having people to do the manual labor and it makes things go a lot faster and smoother. As time goes by the computers and software used to run the computers get faster and does more than the previous versions did.

Computers today are being used in many ways that people had never expected to do and of course there are the bad things that go with it like everything. They are being used today to perform surgeries (Dr. John Regan, M.D., Robotics and Computers in Spine Surgery) and they are helping keep people alive as we speak. They by far have more advantages than disadvantages but computers also slow companies down by the viruses that are out there and by t

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