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A television is a widely used and highly accepted device that is found in most homes today. It is convenient, in widespread use and is available to people from all walks of life. Watching television is beneficial because the varied program choices have value for entertainment, education and stress relief.

Watching television is a convenient and enjoyable way to bring entertainment into the home. Viewers have diverse tastes, and the array of television channels offers comedy, drama, action, horror and music programs at almost any time of the day. When a person wants to be entertained and is not able to go to a movie, theatre or other event, the television can be switched on for an instant enjoyment. People can watch television alone or with family and friends, turning an otherwise uneventful day into a social occasion. Television programming can provide entertainment for individuals and groups of almost any age.

Television programming is also a rich source of information and education. A person with a television can learn about such topics as different cultures and languages as well as history, cooking, science, health and nature. If people have special interests, they can tune in to programs about those specific topics.

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