How Various People Affect our lives

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During your journey through life, you make observations and realize what you enjoy, tolerate, or dislike about various people who you have met, know, or get to know. Who will be the luminous light in your life, leading

you a bright path ahead and who will be the darkness that holds you back? Whether you know it or not, every person in your life you are aquainted with has an effect on developing your character and the choices you make. Everyone has several types of relationships that portray their personality and the person they are. I believe there are several different types of categories you can place the people in your life into. Personally, I categorize them into the following major types I feel are a part of my life: True friendship or love, enemies, rivalries (concious and unconcious).

True friendship is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It is a very hard thing to find. I truely believe I have a very true and best friend in my life. I am very fortunate and feel I have conquered this task of finding Lily, my needle, so to speak, in a giant haystack. I consider her my best friend for many reasons. She is always there for me when I am in need of anything and she will always listen when I need to get something off my sh

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