Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education: It's Influence on Life Decisions

As with any successful profession, there must be a strong foundation on which to build upon. This foundation in the field of education is your personal philosophy of education. Successful teaching and learning should encompass the diversity of the student backgrounds and the ability levels of all students involved. This must be done without losing sight of the intended goals. My beliefs on teaching and learning are:

¢ I believe every child deserves to receive an education

¢ I believe a teacher should make learning fun for his/her students

¢ I believe in staying involved with professional development so we can continuously learn new things

¢ I believe in striving to have positive relationships with students

¢ I believe the desire to learn must be nurtured by the teacher if it is not already present

There are times when we encounter students that require a little more effort than others. When we are faced with this type of situation teacher must reflect on the true meaning of teaching. This will enable the teacher to embrace the difference in the learning styles of students and allow the teacher to develop innovative strategies for reachin

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