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Pro-Abortion Essay

             Abortion is a central and contentious matter in the lives of many living in the the United States facing unplanned pregnancies. Opinions on abortion vary for numerous reasons. Under certain circumstances, abortion may be the most appropriate or suitable action to take. Young women who find themselves pregnant, unprepared, and or at no fault for the conception shouldn't be penalized for being so. It is acceptable to have an abortion to stabilize and maintain a normal healthy lifestyle. It is naturally a woman's choice to have a baby or not, and if unplanned, she should also have the choice to keep it or to take action to change her situation. Abortion should remain legal because it should be the right of the persons involved whether to have an abortion or not.
             In a situation where an unplanned pregnancy takes place, it is the choice of the parents in regards to the bringing up of the child. There are specific conditions like unconsensual sex that can also have an affect on the decisions of the mother and or father. One can either have an abortion, keep the child and raise it, or give up the child for adoption; nevertheless it is the choice of the parents. Psychological issues do come into play at this stage in a woman's life no matter which of these choices she opts to take. Being pregnant is an emotional adventure in itself; having a baby is yet another, and so is choosing not to have it. Whichever choice is made early on will be the deciding factor in the woman's psychological health no matter what; too much emphasis on one of these choices is put to blame for these controversial mental issues faced. The decision of the mother and or father is their decision only, and that choice cannot be taken away from them as long as all options are available. When choosing to have an abortion, raise the child, or give the child up for adoption, there is always a sufficient amount of time to decide which option is the best for the welfare of the parents and or the child involved; if the decision is, in the end, to have an abortion, then that is what the parents chose for themselves under no pressure from anyone else.