my life story

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By Margaret Christia Newberry Herbert

My Mother, Margaret Lular Bass Newberry, told me this following things as I grew up. I asked her questions about my grandmother, as I never saw any of my grandparents. My grandfather John Bass, was the overseer of a large plantation in South Carolina before the Civil War. They owned a lot of slaves. After the slaves were freed, my grandfather was out of work, so he and Uncle Ashley Rhodes, my grandmothers' brother, went to Arkansas and homesteaded some land. (Up the road from where the Parkhams used to live, the road going to Happy Hollow that runs along the side of the mountain, it's not graveled, probable grown up by now). Buddy will know where it is. My Grandmothers' name was Francis Rhodes Bass. My Grandfather left my Grandmother, Francis Rhodes Bass in South Carolina with 7 children, until he and Uncle Ashley could clear the land of the timber and build a log house. They also farmed the land for one year. Then he went back and brought the family to Arkansas. Then they had 8 more children, fifteen in all. My Mother was the fifteenth child. When she talked about the fact that Grandfather was the overseer. She said he overseed the land. She sa

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