Women Of The American Revolution

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Mary R. Furbee wrote Women of the American Revolution. This book was published by Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data in 1999 and has 112 pages.

Women of the American Revolution was written about the women who contributed to the American Revolution. Abigail Smith Adams was known as an advocate of women's rights. She was married to John Adams. Abigail was the woman who coined the phrase "Remember the Ladies.  As John and Abigail were apart they wrote to each other often.

Abigail often expressed her affection her support and her ideas on how America should be free from the British. Yet, women's rights were her primary concern, but she also addressed the need for women's education and the immorality of slavery. Abigail felt that women should have the right to own property, sign contracts, manage business, and draft

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