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High School

             The most accepted part of society today is our public school system. Parents trust it, and kids trust their parents; therefore from ages 5 to 17 they blindly go to school everyday and think nothing of it. Then something happens, they start to develop their own opinions and view points. Unfortunately, as the child progresses school only gets stricter. It doesn’t work to make the student want to succeed. I believe that is why so many teenagers do bad in high school. .
             I think anyone would agree that by your junior year in high school you’re bored. Not just with the same routine over and over again, but the way your life is controlled by the all powerful/always right school system. At this time a student is, or is about to be 17 years old, almost an adult. If you look at a junior, though, you realize that they are still being treated like a mindless child. There is no freedom in high school, and when you put a mass of young adults into a highly structured, highly disciplined environment they are inevitably going to rebel.
             Remember, this is only juniors we’re talking about. When you get to be 18 or 19 you consider yourself a full-blown adult. If you’re old enough to buy cigarettes, decide who runs our nation, and even be sent to war without you consent, you age going to feel old enough to decide the way your life is run. .
             There were, also, some smaller issues that bothered me about high school. It is pounded into your head since early elementary school that you need to express yourself. To some people that is dying your hair blue, but that is not acceptable in high school. I remember a particular incident my senior year on the way to class. A fairly nice girl named Rachel passed me in the hall, and I noticed she had blue hair that day. Ms. Wyman, an Assistant Principal, noticed this, too. Her eyes lit up and she said, “Blue hair! We got blue hair” into her walkie-talkie.