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Gods Word

             The word "God" is something we learn about a child. Learning the stories of all Gods followers and sidekicks. Although we know the main points of God and the life he offers, most of us don"t really know him in our hearts. In our society, there are so many things that are pulling us toward sin, and that is where I got hooked.
             As a teenager, I had never really been much into what the God thing was all about. I was into partying and living life the way I wanted to. Some might have said that I was just being a normal rebellious teenager. I loved the way I was living my life and I was not going to change for anyone. .
             Then one day I got a tap on the shoulder, I found out I was three months pregnant. I was blown away. I thought I was untouchable and nothing would ever happen to me. Although at the same time it was a wonderful blessing. Then once I had my daughter nine six months later, I went right back to my old habits. Only caring about what I wanted and not thinking what was best for my daughter.
             It was not until I last year until I changed my ways and started living my life the way I should have been from the start. I got another knock on the door this time, I found out my daughter had cancer. After finding out, I had no one to turn to. I finally just broke down and decided to turn to God for some answers. I started to ask him for forgiveness and to heal my daughter for this pain. I would pray every night, in hopes that they would be answered. I never once gave up on the powers of God. After going through all the cancer treatments, she was in cancer remission. .
             After all that work all my prayers had been answered. His healing powers had worked and he saved my daughters life. I decided to start teaching his word to children and live my life following his word. God is ubiquitous; there is no way to get around it. He just asks for you to answer when he starts knocking.

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