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             Although prostitution is one of the oldest careers in the world, we can not deny the fact that prostitution is always a big hazard to our society. Further prostitution not only jeopardizes our society by itself, it also brings other social problems, such as trade in human beings, AIDS, and venereal disease and drug. .
             As we known, in the most of countries prostitution is illegal, which means it is usually controlled by the local criminal organizations, like Mafia. Sometimes the whorehouse can not find enough girls and it is very common that criminal organizations use violence to compel girls to be prostitutes. Because prostitution is so profitable and the whorehouses constantly need new girls, it partly boomed another crime: trade in human beings. The trader usually cheated girls of getting their job in the big city. Finally these girls would found themselves being sold to a whorehouse in a totally strange city (sometimes even country). .
             To make more money from prostitutes, the whorehouse will ask its girls seeing as many guests as possible and prostitutes will, both physically and mentally, become very tired. As an unfortunate result, a lot of prostitutes resorted to drug to get some relief and became incurable. Also some whorehouses take little care of their workers health and don't ask them having physical examination punctually. Inevitably, some prostitutes had venereal disease or even AIDS and their guests got a chance to be infected.
             The situation became even worse now. Thinking its an easy way to earn big money more and more young girls be willing to "sell" themselves and it became even easier through the web. .
             Causing so many social problems and even crime, prostitution like cancer to our society. Although it's always impossible to be extinct, we still should think it's a good deed and can be legal existance.

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