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            In article, "The Practicality of the Liberal Arts Major", Sikdes and Murray state the ability of adapt the changes and life - long learning are the keys and essential to success in today's rapidly developed world. I strongly agree and resonate with this point of view because the century we are living in today is so highly - speed changed every day. The job market has been moving form the West to the East. For example, so many IT companies like Microsoft and Oracle have decided to move the developing departments to Asian since the cost is much lower there. The society has changed. For example, many universities are reducing classes due to the budget cut from the State. The above situations cause so many IT professional and teachers lost their jobs. If we do not accept the changes that have happened, we can only be frustrated and get unlinked from the society. Since the job market has changed, we may need to get knowledge from different field to make sure we can find a job in United States.
             If people do not accept the changes, they are just narrowing down their choices and missing lot of chance and limiting their survival ability in America. Many people refuse to adapt the change because they already get used to the old things. To adapt the new thing makes life harder in certain period, but in a long term, it makes life easier. I have a friend who worked in the IT field. He was laid off twice in the past two years. After the first lay off, he got another IT job pretty soon. After the second lay off, he could not get a computer job that easily any more. After three months, he still did not have a job; he decided to look into other fields. Now he got a job in a real estate agent as the assistant to the estimator and his annual income can remain thirty to forty thousand dollars. Comparing to him, many unemployed IT people that are only stick to the IT field still haven not got a job over year.

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