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The French Revolution

             In the ten years spanning from 1789 to 1799, France experienced significant transformations in it's society and political structures. The revolution saw France's monarchy and monopolization of power turn into one of equality and freedom of the citizens. These changes and the event as a whole have been classified as one of the most important events in the history of Europe. .
             The overturning of the political policies of the time served as a basis for the governments that north america currently has. The revolution in France introduced the experimentation with such policies and structures like representative democracy, numerous bills of rights and constitutions, as well as equality among citizens. These were all extremely important due to the stratification of the population into classes, or castes. The population receiving the least income would have the least say. The revolution changed a wealth oriented country into a country of equal rights and power. .
             This movement changed world views on government, human rights, and just reality in general. Several aspects will be discussed during the course of this paper, all relating to the development and outcome of the revolution, as well as the causes of the ensuing events. .
             There were several causes of the french revolution. The most anciently held, general belief being that the movement was caused by the changing social and economic role of the french middle class within the society. Recent research has spawned new theories, bordering less on social factors and more on political ones. The monarchy at the time was being criticized more openly by the commoners. Rising prices and taxes caused uneasiness within the population. The french people saw the legal system as old and outdated, and they wanted a change, a fairer representation. .
             There was also a fiscal crisis going on at the time within the ancien regime. The outdated financial system caused their spending to be gratuitous, over budget, and increasing with every subsequent year.

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