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What is Art

            A man once said "I do not think that it is wise, at this stage of understanding, to attempt to propose a precise definition of consciousness, but we can rely, to good measure, on our subjective impressions and intuitive common sense as to what the term means.The same seems to hold for art You know what it is, I know it, but a definition is something else. so lets look at some basic concepts that people might have for "visual art" to be considered high art or low art. we have four catagories concept, asthedics, and excuition. i believe that if u have these three elements you have a great chance of chreating a piece of art work but if its only one or maybe to the chances are that if will be low vs a high piece of art.
             first lets go over this concept thing. in modern art today concept it seems is every thing. asthedics and excuition are often time compleatly forgotten, and thats ok for alot of people to jsut have concept and deep though , but no thats not enough for me i need something thats at least a little asthedicly pleaseing and excuted well. now dont get me wrong if it dosent have the other to elements it dosnent sece to be art its just simply consitered "low" art to me.
             the second is haveing a piece that is asthedically pleseing. this catagory covers all the pictures that you see with amazing color scheme. paintings of abstract images might fall in this catagory alot of times. these pieces of art work are ofter times lacking in concept the most but thats not to say they arnt executed poorly at times. a great example of this is a piece of art work work that you see in a gallery and cant stop looking at it cause of the beautiful colors. but then you start to think to youself i could do that and what is it sappose to be. we have all done it.
             excution is the catagory that i prolly hold to be the lowest form by itself. when execution is missing the other two ellements the type of art work that you most offten get is the bob ross happy tree type of art.

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