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Cause and Effect

             As my life flashed before my eyes, I wondered why I am risking my life for a business that didn"t care about me. I was forty feet up in the air on a forklift when the person driving it decided to push the wrong lever and shifted the tines sideways rather than up, causing me to land on a stack of drywall where I would stay shaking for the next couple minutes. That is only one of the many horrible things that happened to me at work in the summer of 2001. It is incredible that the next summer I could find a job that not only was easier, but a lot safer. I learned that although they are in the same town, working at White Transfer and Storage Company is much better than Southtown Building Supply. .
             The difference in the tow bosses I had was tremendous. At Southtown, small things would often anger our boss. For instance, taking five minutes too long for a break when it was extremely hot out would anger him, yet somehow he forgot to yell at some of the other workers when they would sit down while we were busy and just talk with one customer for half and hour. My boss at the other job; however, was always there when you needed him. In fact most days he would work somewhere in the warehouse, even though you might not believe it, but when your boss is there working right beside y ou it makes you respect him a lot more. He also understood when I had to take time off for different reasons and made sure I was always out in time for baseball games or practices. .
             Next would be my co-workers. Most of the workers at the supply store would talk behind your back, make rude comments, and sometimes even yell al you for not apparent reason. There were also several occasions when I was injured or became injured from stupidity of my fellow employees. For example, when someone stacks two piles of lumber wrong and while you are trying to fix them, they fall on your foot. It was not the safest work environment.

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