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The Wars

             The Wars examines the nature of man under the horific influence of war and all the obstacles that are thrown in front of them. These men are pushed to the brink of life or death and are faced with many life changing descisions Men are usually catergorized as either heros or cowards for there actions. There are also many way's of classifiling what a hero is and what a coward is depending on a persons values and morals. Robert Ross is seen as both, depending on whose story is being told and whose point of view you look at. "The novel critically, often shockingly, explores the nature of humanity. It raises the question: what is history? It asks: what is an ordinary human being? It cries: human activity is ordinary or heroic depending on the context it exists within; war is a sickening context. " (Young Adult Readers). Findley allows the reader to form their own conclusions by laying out a blend of heresay evidence and facts. Findley relay's the message threw his use of narrative structure, photographs and interviews. .
             Interview- meeting in which someone is asked questions about themselves or another person for a newspaper article and/or television show. This is the use of the word in the truest form, but it all depends on how you interpert it. The interview is dependant on many varables which play a important role in the out come of the interview. The answers from interviews are dependent on the questions being asked and the responses that are given in return. The outcome can also varie depending or not if the interviewee has a byist towards what he or she is talking about. Many instances throughout the story they use interviews to tell the story and help move that plot along. This is a very effective method of writing because it gives you many different angles to view the story at and you hear many different opinions on the same person; Robert Ross. Here's how one of Robert's nurses viewed him " My opinion was- he was a hero.

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