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French Legislature

             The French Legislature is organized in such a way that finally, as the French maintain themselves in the 5th Republic, it has proven effective and is respected across France. The French Legislature has duties and responsibilities that it must uphold in order for it to be analyzed in terms of the qualifications, limitations, and characteristics of a liberal democracy.
             The French Legislature is run as best possible to meet the needs of the President, the Prime Minister, and the people. The Prime Minister resides over the legislature, so they are the only ones with the power to remove him/her from office. They are chosen by universal suffrage, all candidates run with a substitute. .
             The Legislature has two meeting sessions per year. However, The French Legislature only meets six months out of every year, which means that the president rules by decree for the other six months. The President does not actually have to abide by legislation decision, he can hold a national referendum to try and bypass it. The parts of French Legislature serve their parts, confident that their duties and responsibilities wont have to have the president try and bypass their decisions.
             One part of the French Legislature is made up of the National Assembly, consisting of 577 deputies. It has a two round voting system and each deputy comes from a different district. They serve a five-year term. The National Assembly has one president, six vice presidents, and twelve secretaries. The jobs and duties of the National Assembly is to create legislature, conduct investigations, appropriate funds, declare war, they may impeach the executive, declare amnesty, and may ask the government to resign.
             Another part of the French Legislature is the Senat. The Senat consists of 321 members who serve a nine-year term, but 1/3 of the Senat is up for election every three years. There are 296 members in metropolitan France, and 25 in French overseas departments and French abroad.

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