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Essay on Illegal Immigration

            In most of the recent presidential primary debates, there is a question on what the candidates will do about illegal immigration. The candidate's proposed solutions range from complete amnesty to shipping all illegals back to where they came from. Illegal immigration is a growing problem in America. There are many reasons that illegal immigration is a problem, and, as usual, what the government has tried to do to solve the problem has just made the situation worse. However there are a few things that can be done to help solve the problem of illegal immigration. .
             Illegal immigration is a problem in this country for many reasons. These include the fact that most illegals do not, or will not, speak English. "The chancellor of the University of California at Berkley, Chang Lin-Tin, says that by the year 2050 most Americans will be able to trace their roots to Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific Islands. [However], before Mr. Chang's vision can come to pass, the United States will have at least 2 official languages. "1 America would have to have two official languages for the immigrants to be able to function in society. It is impossible to even buy groceries without knowing English.
             However, there are several flaws to this idea, the first of which is that not speaking English goes against the purpose of immigrating to America. The purpose of immigrating to America is to become an American. This means that immigrants must adapt to America's way of life, not the other way around. This includes learning English. The whole idea of providing bilingual schooling and such to people who do not speak English does not make sense. Americans were here first, and if immigrants want to fit into society, they need to change their ways to fit that society, not make the society change to fit them.
             Still another problem with the idea of two official languages is that it is illogical.

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