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French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era

            The French Revolution lasted ten years starting in 1789 and ending in the year 1799. The French revolution was a period of very radical social and political change in French and European history. France was ruled by an absolute monarchy for centuries which ended up collapsing within three years. The older traditional ideas about hierarchy eventually gave in to the new principles of citizenship and rights. According to the text, the first stage of the French Revolution was based totally on the liberty to succeed, own, and compete. Next, the second stage of the revolution took on equality to rally their troops, which was also the revolution of the working people in the French cities. In fact the French adopted a national motto for brotherhood which was Liberte', egalite, fraternite which is French for Liberty, equality, and fraternity. The debates on the compatibility of the three terms as well as their order began at the same time of the French Revolution. France was known as what is called an absolute monarchy in which King Louis XVI had complete control over the nation. As a result they lack a legislative body such as checks and balances. Because France had an unchecked government is what led to gross fiscal irresponsibility.┬áThe word democracy can be traced back to ancient Greek times. The interpretation or the meaning of democracy literally means rule by the people. Technology played an important role in not only the French revolution but within the industrial age itself. In the French revolution democracy was brought upon because political thinkers and philosophers inspired its people by buying into American idea's and telling the people that the only way to freedom is to separate the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government. .
             The French Revolution was a quest for liberty, and centered on people who wanted their freedom. They wanted to be treated as equal participants in the community, not as slaves for the royals or nobles.

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