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My American Dream

            My American dream has been influenced by the problems, and circumstances that I have gone through in my life. Moving to the United States was one of the biggest circumstances that influenced my American dream because I came with the idea that this was the land of opportunities but when we arrived to this country my family and I lacked so many resources; like money, clothes, and a stable home. For me the American dream is not only about me or my success and happiness but also the success and the happiness of those who surround me. In my American dream, my mother is retired but with strength to be able to relax and do those things that she missed out on because she was taking care of my siblings and me; like being next to my stepdad who lives in the Dominican Republic. I want her to forget all the times she was stressed because she did not have enough money to pay rent. My mom's American dream would be to live long enough to see all three of her children graduate from college and be successful at whatever career we choose. I will consider my American dream "accomplished" when I become a Neonatologist. I want to be able to buy my mother a house. I want to have a family, kids, and a husband. The American dream is not only to accomplish your goals but to also feel comfortable and secure once they have been accomplished. I want to be able to walk around with confidence of the person I have become which will not only give me confidence but will give me freedom. .
             Furthermore, my American dream has been affected by where I come from because I lacked many things when I arrived to this country. I came from having it all to having nothing. I got used to having my mother home every time I arrived home from school but when we moved to this country she had to start working and my siblings and I would not see her as much. When we were in school she would be sleeping and when we were dismissed from school she was already on her way to work.

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