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Problems and Issues at My Job

            I identified the problems and issues that I've been having at my job and wrote about them in my last essay. I've taken the time out to think of various ways to solve the situations without causing any extra drama at my job and I must admit that was very difficult to do. After speaking with some people about the problems and issues I've been having at my job and I've gotten a large amount of feedback from them. I took my time and have weighed out all the options that I may have and took everything into consideration. .
             With my first problem I identified as it being favoritism to an employee in the department I work in, my supervisor allows a male coworker do whatever he wants and comes in whenever he wants. He can have a horrible excuse or no excuse at all and he wouldn't get reprimanded about anything. With me and my other female workers we need to have proof of where we went most of the time and everything like that. After careful review I was able to work out all the details of the problem. I broke everything down step by step which wasn't easy. The plan is to take my boss and request to speak in the conference room with him and write a written statement where I and the other coworkers have signed where we are expressing our feeling on the situation with our male co-worker. I hope that my boss will take our feelings into consideration because the next step would be to go to the vice president or owner of the company and have something done immediately. I'm trying to take the approach that wouldn't seem offended and I also would like my boss to be aware because communication is key no matter what the situation is or the relationship communication always helps and it can get things solved very quickly.
             The second problem I had was with the other department and the representatives taking money and processing customer's transactions without them knowing. When looking at all the faults in the problem I was and still am completely blown away.

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