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            I"ve gained, I"ve lost, I"ve found, I"ve cried, I"ve laughed, I"ve loved, I"ve hated, I"ve discovered, I"ve forgotten, these are what best exemplify my past year. The transition from high school to college was bigger then I could have ever imagined. Not so much academically, but emotionally. I think that I have grown as a person, and learnt much more then could be taught at school. The summer between high school and college, I lost people that were very dear to me, lost people that knew me, that loved me and understood me. At the beginning of the school year, I stayed with the people that I knew, but soon I met new people, people that have brought so much in my life, in such a tremendously short period of time. These people, while looking back, I cannot envision what my life might have been like without them. I can not imagine going to school and not seeing them, having problems and not crying on their shoulders, them having a life that I was not part of. It's funny how life changes, when the people you were once close to become total strangers, and total strangers become people you are close too. Life has its very unexpected twists and turns, which unfortunately are not always good. One lesson that I have learnt this year is that you cannot dwell upon things. You have to move on, and discover how to solve your problems, even the problems that may seem impenetrable. You have to live life thinking that things will get better, and that all your pain and sorrows are just part of the gift of life, where all that your pain can really do is just make you stronger as a person. That's were the phrase "What doesn"t kill you only makes you stronger" comes in play. A year is an immense period of time; the numerous amounts of things that can happen within the time span of a year are unbelievable. You can fall in love, fall out of love, discover a best friend, and make a new enemy, so many things can happen.

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